Web Site Design Step by Step

We will design your web site to a professional standard. You can choose how much input you want to have in the design process and we will keep you informed along the way so that you can give us feedback during the development process.

Step 1. Your requirements

The first step is to let us know what your requirements are. Obviously we don't know anything about your business or Organisation so you must provide us with the text that you want to be shown on each page. You can also send us any pictures of your business that you want to be displayed on the web site. You can then leave the design of the web site up to us or let us know your thoughts. e.g. Are there specific colours that you want us to use? Would you prefer the menu to be at the top or the side of the page? etc.


Step 2. Developing the Web Site

We will take your requirements and create the design for your web site. To begin with we will create a single page and then make it available for you to view on the internet. You can then give us any feedback on the design that you want and suggest changes for anything that you are not completely happy with. We will then complete the web site paying attention to any feedback you have given us.


Step 3. The Domain Name

For your customers to be able to access your site you need to have a domain name e.g. www.mysite.com. You can tell us what name you would like to use or we can make suggestions for you. We will then check that the chosen name is available and register it in your name.


Step 4. Finished

We upload the finished design to the high speed production server where your customers can access the finished web site using your chosen domain name.


Step 5. Support

Once your web site is up and running we will continue to host and support it for you. If there are any problems we will look into them straight away to ensure that your web site is kept running smoothly. Included in the cost of hosting we will make any basic changes to your site that you require, for example changing prices or contact details.