Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to create my web site?

A web site will typically take around 2 weeks to complete.


Where will my web site be hosted?

We host web sites within some of the most professional data centres in the world. All web sites are hosted on fast reliable servers.


Can I host my site myself?

Yes. We can create your web site and then hand it over to you to host yourself. However we do not support web sites that are not hosted by ourselves.


What if I want to change something on my site?

We will make any small changes such as changing contact details, prices, etc. as part of the hosting and support subscription. If you require a substantial reworking of the site or more pages added then we will need to charge you for the work.


What technologies do you use?

All of our sites are built using Microsoft technologies. Microsoft offer a proven stable platform on which to build and a high level of support. We try to use as few open source technologies as possible.


What qualifications do you have?

All of our web developers have formal IT qualifications and are Microsoft Certified.